Haitian Boat People, The Saga Continues...

Haitian Boat People, who are they? -- Haitians, desperate for a job to make ends meet, are constantly looking elsewhere for opportunities because there are not enough jobs in Haiti and they must survive.

PHOTO: Haitian Boat People Intercepted by the U.S. Coas Guard

Now that the dream of going to 'Chili' is shattered, many are hopping back on rickety boats to make the journey north hoping to reach the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Island, Miami even, anywhere they can earn an honest living.

Authorities in the Turks and Caicos Islands intercepted 102 Haitian migrants last month off the coat of Providenciales, Most of them were Haitian men, able bodied souls, desperately seeking a paycheck.

Young Haitians don't really want to leave Haiti, they need JOBS.

There is a Haitian saying "pito m travay pase m mande!" (I'd rather work they beg). When a man makes a perilous decision and risks his life searching for a paycheck, you have to respect that.

You have to ask yourself:

What if there were more possibilities at home?

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