PHOTO: Haiti - Clairin vs Methanol

PHOTO: Haiti - Clairin vs Methanol

Look at this photo... In Haiti, there is deadly solution killing people out there believes to be Clairin with Methanol mixed in...

Clairin is Haitian Moonshine made from the distillation of sugarcane. Methanol is a deadly substance if consumed.

Chronic inhalation or oral exposure to methanol may result in headache, dizziness, giddiness, insomnia, nausea, gastric disturbances, conjunctivitis, visual disturbances (blurred vision), and blindness in humans.

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Haiti Economy - There are many people in Haiti whose livelihood depends on the sale and distribution of Haitian Moonshine or CLAIRIN... Sales are down these days and many vendors are complaining. they feel the pinch...

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Haiti's commerce minister believes the deadly alcohol killing people in and around Port-au-Prince is METHANOL, not the 'Clairin Local'... Following the deaths of the latest victims in Petit-Gove, Ministre Jude Hervé Day says "the recent deaths are not related to clairin consumption."

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