Moun Damou Pa Kite - Haitian Saying...

Moun Damou Pa Kite - Haitian Saying...

There is a famous Haitian saying "Moun Damou Pa Kite" (People in love stay together) --- You think that's true?

Famous Haitian music band Skah Shah even sings about it: "Moun damou pa kite, Romeo e Juliet, Ferdinand, Isabelle..."

I know many "Moun Damou" who end up leaving each other (kite)

On the other hand, I know a few people who have been together for a very long time but I would not necessarily call them "Moun Damou." Their relationship falls more on the category of another Haitian saying "Tout Abitid Se Vis" LOL...

What do you think about that?

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Monfleury Nicodeme says...

I disagree, because alot of time you see couple living together walking hand in hand you think like everything must be perfect or maybe there's love in that family, However when they get back in the house even their bed they don't share while they Husband and Wife. That just a show that these people are together but that relationship is long over, that saying is not right.

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Dre says...

I say "True", moun damou pa kite. But only if we're talking about the true meaning of love. What people call love today is nothing but lust. Love is about giving, not about what you can

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