Haiti : The Red Pill vs. The Blue Pill

Haiti : The Red Pill vs. The Blue Pill

My fellow Haitians, this is your last chance! After this there is no turning back!

You take the BLUE pill, and you will accept things just the way they are, Haiti will remain the way it is (se konsa bagay yo ye) Haiti will never change (Ayiti pap janm chanje) AND your life will never change!

You take the RED pill and you wake up, you challenge the status quo, and you begin demand more from the Haitian authorities because you know you deserve more, you deserve a better country, a better standard of living and a better quality of life.

Which will you chose?

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99.9 percent of the Haitians are superstitious. I was surprised to be listening to a famous journalist in Haiti yesterday who thinks it is normal for people to die during the carnival season because, superstitiously speaking, it has to happen. SAY WHAT???

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You are right, the things that should not be normal but a reality in our country. That's call strong delusion, how do I know that? Deuteronomy...

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