HAITI: Natcom Vs. Digicel... Kiyes ki Pi Bon?

HAITI: Natcom Vs. Digicel... Kiyes ki Pi Bon?

Question: Nan zafè telefòn Mobile ak Internet Access, ki companie ou panse ki bay pi bon sèvis en Haiti? NATCOM oswa DIGICEL?

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Laurent Joseph says...

NATCOM is the best in Haiti, for me there's only one company carrier in Haiti, and its name is

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Missionary James says...

Natcom has good 3G service in Jeremie, as long as their fiber line through Cayes isn't cut. Otherwise they fail-over to a slower wireless link.

Digicel only has 2G in

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Serge says...

Natcom is way better, plain and simple.

Digicel is the biggest crook in Haiti, they should be indicted for taking advantage of poor Haitian

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Benjouis says...

Natcom pi bon

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Diaspora says...

Is anybody getting stable 3G/4G internet access on a Digicel Jump these days?

Mine is stuck on 2G it seems, slow as hell and Digicel aint doing nothing about

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Valery Sou Facebook says...

De Tintin kob moun yo vinn vole ou paye pou sevis ou li paka mache byen sitou pou Digicel la kap mete moun pou vole kob sou kont moun

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Haiti Internet User says...

Sim koute Intenet Haiti a m'ap fè Suk epi m'ap fè tansion.

They suck!

I have both Digicel and Natcom USB modems and keep popping them back and forth into my laptop hoping one will work better


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