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Find the positive side of Voodoo science

Well that shows if Haitians used what ever it is smartly enought how far Haiti would be. Idiots call it voodoo, smart people advance call it... more »

There is a little thing called Fairy Tale

We don'r believe in fairy tales, dreams or visions. In America Fairy Tale, Dreams and visions come true. landing in the moon (Alunire) was a fairy... more »

Knowing myself helps respecting you and my people

I was reading the bible to my kids as I like the Salomon stories, I decided to read it in order to excite them. It is 1king chr 9. starting from... more »

Saint Preux what you wrote is a beauty

although I am a Seventh Day, which is a German religion as most Haitian don't know but I respect my religion (Voodoo) which is my culture. That has... more »

Hey my man Mr. St Preux

I have seen one more typo. Guilty of this sin. You wrote "If this sin" Anyway great job and keep going my friend. Note: I would like to introduce my... more »

to Mr. Woody saintpreux.

I had posted a message as such a few weeks ago. Without togetherness, we are doomed. My message was that hwen I was young high school student, we... more »

I am glad to hear that.

Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant by" bleaching out" Sometime I do interpret things as if they were in creol. By the way have you received any... more »

Is your website done, finish, gone?

I hope not. Please you serve a great purpose to our community. I also thanks for your comment about me. You are a great man. We have a website for... more »

My Saint Preux, I hope that one day I shke you hand. You have...

My Saint Preux, I hope that one day I shke you hand. You have placed us all around the election table. This is first time thousands of haitian have... more »

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