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although I am a Seventh Day, which is a German religion as most Haitian don't know but I respect my religion (Voodoo) which is my culture.

That has help me to know myself better as a black man and because I know myself, I get to love my Haitian people with all my heart.

Now loving my people, helps me to love everyone else with no exception.

By the way the dud who wrote the article about Haitian and Aids is doing his devil

Same as Mr James who ate his book that says blacks are genetically inferior to whites, this dud will eat his as well. It is time for the devil to eat his own bread of sorrow.

For hundreds of years his has divided the world with his mouth and his guns, everywhere he's steps, he leaves trails of blood, deception, lies, racism etc. His time is up and everything he writes now will splater right back in his face. The same hate he preached is getting back to him. HE CLAIMED HIMSELF GOD, JESUS, ANGELS, CREATORS, INVENTORS, ETC. Only the devil would claim himself God as no man would dare do it.
So it is OK what he wrote because I know the children of the real God will make him eat it.
So now when one calls himself Christian be careful because many of us have been worshiping the devil instead of God. If you know what i mean. The mighty God is you and me.
The devil makes you go around circles looking for God. ( An old white dud with blue eyes sitting in a golden chair on a diamond sea ) believe me thats the devil.

Jesus is a skinny dud who can not even break an egg that's the son of the devil.

Because the real jesus practiced what he preached which is love above all. Jesus never saw his mother inferior, Jesus was never a racist first of all he was black.

Jesus never preached separation or division etc.
SO BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU ARE PRAYING TO. Remember before you pray tonight, remove that stupid picture of you wall and your mind. God will come to you home which is your heart.

Garry Destin, November 9 2007, 7:28 PM

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