Hahahahh.. it's funny how some people still thinking verbal...

Rich - May 7 2013, 9:28 AM


it's funny how some people still thinking verbal now-a-days in this(21 century..

acting like the female that he/you got now wasn't was mine, his or someone else girlfriend, wife or whatever you can called it when you're know you not the one that hit it first, hahahh..

& it easy because it just like dollar bill, it's mine today, tomorrow is yours, then his day after tomorrow.

Therefore either you deal with it, live with it or leave it. but stop talking about someone else present because it was yours once, or someone else. & remember women are like ocean, you came/come you swim then you go, I came/come swim then I leave, & finally he came/come swim then he stays, live or even die there.


because someone have to die there, period.

you're just need to get over men & women relationship people! just deal/live with it. or shut the hell up forever.


INCLUDING THE ONE YOU'RE GOT NOW. ritchoutoujours.wordpress.com/

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