Remember to go on to find the best software to...

Patrick Princivil - March 27 2013, 4:43 PM

Remember to go on to find the best software to build your house, you can google it if you cannot find it.

Remember that we have a corrupt country, this mean anybody without knowledge can be engineer or doctor etc.

they can by the diploma and the lisence under the table, I recommend you to do the job yourself or you pay the Dominican company's people or other country like US-Canada's company etc to build your house; to much raquetor's Haitian in Haiti even-thought President Martely and the prime minister (Laurent Lamothe) don't use them in the construction of Haiti.

why using them?

they will steal your cement, nails, woods, irons etc. because they are thieve, when the earthquake come, you will lose your house.

We have to pray to God (bagay yo di) I don't really understand what what's going on Haiti.

Every single city of Haiti, people sell their thing almost in the middle of the streets of Haiti, the funy thing everyday you see la marie of Haiti take people's thing: flour mix with beans and rice etc.

just to come out of the streets, when la marie of Haiti left this area, the stupid came back in the same place; they complain la marie of Haiti destroy their thing just to get some money under the table; I don't really see any futur for Haiti, the Haitian's people just need to repent

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