I do not have any issues about different organizations who...

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I do not have any issues about different organizations who want to help us, and we need it. My concern is muslims want to convert the entire planet to islam, and will do it by any means necessary.

You also have the mormon in Haiti, and as a Christian nation we need to be prudent.

The mormom church did not accept Blacks, because we are considered children of the devil and not human beings like them. Islam is slowly creeping, and spreading on the African continent.

We must understand you have to reject JESUS CHRIST as the son of GOD, and consider him as one of the prophets to convert into Islam.

The mormons added a book to the bible, and it is very clear in Revelation not to do so. It is an unforgiveable sin to add anything after revelation, and it is the last book in the bible until the final correction.

The jews are waiting for the "Messiah", and Christians for the second coming of JESUS CHRIST.

JESUS CHRIST is my salvation, and I will absolutely not deny him. I am not a religious person, and am more spiritual.

I also love my neighbor as a Christian, and muslims are taught to decapitate non muslims.

They call them infidels, and the goal is to convert the entire world to islam.

I know JESUS CHRIST is the son of GOD, but am not sure if Allah is the GOD of Abraham.

We need to be very prudent, and I am worried about Christianity in Haiti.

My brothers, and sisters in JESUS CHRIST let's pray for the gift of discernment.

Be blessed!

Josy, December 12 2011, 5:32 PM

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Topic: Louis Farrakhan In Haiti for a 5-day Visit

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I do not have any issues about different organizations who want to help us, and we need it. My concern is muslims want to convert the entire planet... read more >
Josy, 12-Dec-11 5:32 pm
Dude, just go find yoursrlf out. Who used to cut off your heads, enchain you, telling you that you are filthy. Even recently told you that you are... read more >
Garry, 12-Dec-11 7:50 pm
I hope he has good intentions. If Farrakhan is in Haiti to help in a non-religious fashioned, I am all for it. Farrakhan has a past history with... read more >
Bernadette, 12-Dec-11 8:01 pm
i am with u brother nothing 4 free i am tinking the same just now he wants to know about vodoo rigth now haiti available i wish and i have hope... read more >
Lena, 12-Dec-11 8:38 pm
OK, and I respect your opinion. Why are you so angry? I could not be, because I gave my opinion on a subject and you apparently have some extremely... read more >
Josy, 12-Dec-11 8:48 pm
I may have crossed the line by saying little negroes. Therefore sorry. When it comes to anger, you are an angry person. Raw, I am raw. Educated, I... read more >
Garry, 12-Dec-11 11:39 pm
Mizeliah, 13-Dec-11 1:38 am
As a Christian believer (born in France) who has had the misfortune to live in the U.S. of A.for some years, I have to express my solidarity with... read more >
Adrien Alpendre, 13-Dec-11 12:34 pm
well its good, i like this guy i am not into politics but the men is ok to me, the brother tell you i he feels what is wrong with that? haitian... read more >
Nadine Beauzile, 13-Dec-11 1:18 pm
C'est le ton qui fait la chanson! Did you read my opinion? I noticed you read his, but not mine and he crossed the line. He called me names, because... read more >
Josy, 13-Dec-11 10:10 pm
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