OK, and I respect your opinion. Why are you so angry? I could...

Josy - December 12 2011, 8:48 PM

OK, and I respect your opinion.

Why are you so angry?

I could not be, because I gave my opinion on a subject and you apparently have some extremely serious anger issues.

You can disagree with a person without names calling, and I do know my history.

I am not a "dude", and am a middle aged lady. Is this how you speak to your mother, and other females in your circle?

You must be from generation X, and we lost an entire generation in the US. There is a way to speak with other punks, and hoodlums.

It is different when you want to debate a subject, and obviously you are raw. You are like a skinned animal, so I am backing off and I always do when I encounter wild animals.

You apparently are not refined, and cultured.

You are rude, and crude.

The jews are GOD chosen people, and still GOD chastise them. I believe our beloved people were chastised for turning their backs to GOD, and it has nothing to do with the missionaries.

It is not the whites' fault, and you have a lot to learn.

You are brain washed, and my head is screwed properly on my neck. I read my bible daily, and am very much aware of the story behind christianity.

I also have studied other religions, and they are all men made. GOD has no religion, and the basic of all religions is "love your neighbor like thyself".

I do not have to be violent, and can stil get my point accross.

America was a christian nation, and then they asked GOD to go. You can no longer pray in the schools, or post the ten commandements on the walls in the courts and you cannot talk about GOD. We are now seeing the results, and the country is now in a big mess. GOD does not come in uninvited, and will live when asked to do so. satan takes over, and it is complete chaos.

The whites wronged Africans, and sucked the life out of the continent.

The problems facing the diaspora today have its roots in slavery, and I call it post slavery disorder.

The slave masters would not have been able to enslave the Africans, and destroyed the continent.

We disobeyed GOD like the israelites, so HE left and it is the real reason.

You cannot possibly understand the human race, and GOD. You would have to study religions, and do research for years before you start to get it.

You are young, and foolish.

This is why you could never be a CEO, because during meetings you would attack those you disagree with and beat them up. What do you do for a living?

You will not be able to advance, and be in management with this attitude.

I did not grow up here, so we have totally different mentalities and I am a lady. I have "etiquettes", "savoir vivre", et "savoir faire".

We have nothing else to say to each other, and go play some XBOX juvenile.

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Dude, just go find yoursrlf out. Who used to cut off...

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