Haiti Immigration Offices, Fix The Roads First

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And he (The president) should be sure that the roads are in good conditions or built in those "Chef lieu" first.

We have only two principal roads "Route national" for the whole country, how can we figure out it will take a few minutes to reach those offices?

It is more important to my opinion to built roads first before introducing this good idea. Any developpement comes with that...

Les routes, les installations appropri

Marie Marthe D, August 8 2011, 6:52 AM

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Topic: New Haitian Passports Will Be Valid For 10 Years

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I think you meant "In order to get a visa valid for 10 years, you must have a passport that is valid for 10 years. read more >
Kreyolman, 7-Aug-11 2:57 pm
Its about time. because its sad that people have to go to port-au-prince for everything so its gonna take Michel Martelly whom they say does not... read more >
Sheila, 7-Aug-11 6:53 pm
pa gen pale franse si prezidan an fe kelke choz de bon il faut ke nou di l nan tout integralite l. Bon travay Martelly presidan... read more >
Charles, 7-Aug-11 9:37 pm
Hi, And he (The president) should be sure that the roads are in good conditions or built in those "Chef lieu" first. We have only two principal... read more >
Marie Marthe D, 8-Aug-11 6:52 am
If that is really a good things for the haitian people i can say good job for the haitian governmet. I have to say if haiti is a member of caricom... read more >
Jean, 8-Aug-11 10:12 am
salut I think it is a very good idea not just the increase of the life of our passport but also the whole idea of spreading immigration services... read more >
Maxo Louis Jean, 8-Aug-11 8:05 pm
This is a good idea, I hope Mr president Michel M be able to do it also for there passports and every the Departement I'm 100% behind this idea. read more >
Jean R Constant, 10-Aug-11 10:47 am
Of course it is a good idea however, we should understand that one of the best ways to increase the haitian economy is in taxes. I hope I gave... read more >
Grenadye16, 19-Aug-11 4:16 pm
Look brother one the things that increase an economie is " production and goods and services that a particular country is able to export to earn... read more >
Maxo Louis Jean, 20-Aug-11 8:08 am
I really understand you guy. However let me add this that I give myself to be understood. When talking about national production we so often make... read more >
Grenadye16, 20-Aug-11 10:33 am
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