If that were to be true, one must believe there is something...

Eric P. Berrouet - July 26 2011, 9:34 PM

If that were to be true, one must believe there is something we Haitians we don't know. Haiti where it stands right now is a land of opportunity for many other nations.

The Ex-Prime Minister of Jamaica said few months back on Haiti Libre" Haiti presents opportunity for many banks in Jamaica".

Money will be exchanging hands, construction work will be done, many folks will be put to work. Just my observation, construction supplies will be needed in Haiti, Work Supervisors, Team Leaders, Trainers and all aspects.Any innovative person will cease the opportunity.

Many other workers are already migrated to Haiti in search of employment.

Haitians need not to be hostile to foreigners, Haitians need to be ready to work and help rebuild the country to make Haiti the Jewel of the Caribbean.

This is our chance in history to provide the country with all the help" HAITIAN ECONOMIC LEVERAGE PROJECTS" for the sake of the next generation.

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