Well my dear Colette, you are not alone in that puzzle, a few...

Max Mills - July 25 2011, 12:25 PM

Well my dear Colette, you are not alone in that puzzle, a few of us are trying hard to understand " what the hell happened to all that money donated to Haiti " up to now no answer.

My problem is what is the next move from this president.

Is he going to change course from the previous ones or is he going to do the same.

My point is, the two previous presidents meaning Aristid and Preval both never had a concrete plan to convince the DONORS what we were going to do first with the money.

They failed .In many occasions we had floods from Hurricane season many organizations and UN pledged to help and yet nothing had never happened thanks to some individuals such as Brat Pitt and Angelina, Wyclef Jean & Matt Damon, Sean Penn to name a few and I do believe you know the rest of the story.

That is why I am always insisting here why I cannot hear a proper and concrete plan for the country right now. As start I believe if we decide to build a better university which can accommodate up 20.000 students in the region, I will not state as the biggest in the Caribbean but more modern than what we have now.

To me that is the first step towards reforming education.

We will find sponsors to donate medical supplies and other materials.

Secondly, a change in the transportation system is needed, the tap-tap as we call it need be out of sight, in this millenium we need a better comfort for our money, the transportation cost is too high but if it cannot be discounted but another alternative can be used. If abroad other people are paying up to one or two dollars for a stage why not introducing that in the country also. Some countries are selling refurbish buses, luxury coaches with a.c especially Germany and they were among the first countries who wanted to help after the earthquake.Cite Soleil need to be demolished and rebuild because it is too close to the port.

When we begin to have tourists coming in to the country.

We do not need to show that facade .The Government need to build a high rising building of maximum of three floors to people and remove them at a low cost of mortgage because remember they had a place before you move them. Then that empty vast place can be used for malls and plazas even the bus terminal can be included there because of town center.

So my dear every nation on earth feels our pain and situation, they are willing to help with what ever resource they have, manual labour and so on, some people know we need help and should start build already that is why we started to see an exodus coming now. As you said they do not have their sh*t together for a long time that is why every year when hurricane season comes we begin to beg God to spare our lives because of lack of preparations or lack of visions.

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