Filipinos Migrating To Haiti Looking For JOBS

While many Haitians in Haiti are dreaming of jobs and opportunities in foreign lands, some Filipinos workers are targeting Haiti as their land of opportunity.

Can you believe this?

According to The Philippine Daily Inquirer, government officials are warning their citizens about an apparent syndicate which continues to recruit and deploy Filipino workers for nonexistent jobs in Haiti.

The Haiti Immigration flaw...

There is a flaw in the Haitian immigration system that makes migration to Haiti from any foreign land easy and Philippine Ambassador to Havana, Maximo Domingo, knows very well what it is...

"The Haitian government does not require visas for Filipinos who want to travel to Haiti as tourists," Ambassador Maximo says. "This loophole is currently being used by illegal recruiters to bring in undocumented workers to Haiti"

How are Filipinos arriving to Port-au-Prince Haiti?

Ambassador Maximo says that human traffickers are bringing their Filipino victims "first to Nassau, Bahamas, before sending them to Port-au-Prince."

The article says that "Another 40 Filipinos had arrived in Port-au-Prince" recently, that of course means there are more!


Usually, it is the other way around... Usually it is Haitian who are migrating,.. Usually it is Haitians who are being detained and deported...

How does it feel now when others are looking at Haiti as the land of opportunity?

What do you think about this Haiti immigration issue?

Why is it that no one needs a visa to come to Haiti when every Haitian citizen needs a visa to visit every other land on the planet?

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Ing.haspyl Lazarre says...

Quelle ironie!Vous avez

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Eric P. Berrouet says...

If that were to be true, one must believe there is something we Haitians we don't know. Haiti where it stands right now is a land of opportunity for many other nations.

The Ex-Prime Minister of Jamaica said few months back on Haiti Libre" Haiti presents opportunity for many banks in Jamaica".

Money will be exchanging hands, construction work will be done, many folks will be put to work. Just my observation, construction supplies will be needed in Haiti, Work Supervisors, Team Leaders, Trainers and all aspects.Any innovative person will cease the opportunity.

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Florvil Beaute says...

Every where in the world Haitian need a visa to visit, but no one needs a visa to visit Haiti why because were don't have a

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Florvil Beaute says...

Because Haiti is not a country, that's no one needs a visa to visit

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Nicolas Ronel says...

I think this is a prophecy.

don't play with that. it will be so I hope so soon. People around the world even now ungrateful towards Haiti will depart their country to come and work in my beloved nation.

The philipinos forcast that and come before.

we are different from all nations in the world.

welcome to the

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Zazou says...

Hello! that is a good sign for us haitians, as many already pointed it out.we have many Filipinos in Haiti.

mostly they are living in Delmas 33 and route freres.One thing i would like to the author of the first article is that, Haitians do not need visa to enter Philippines.

i am living in the philippines;i came to philippines 5 years ago without

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Kenold Pierre says...

I have been telling you all along guys; The phoenix is about to be reborn, they just have an idea about some thing that 's going to happen in Haiti but, we don't. Let's be positive it's a good signe .But I have one thing to say, In case we have all this flow of work in Haiti we 'll need help of technicians from the ouside world because we don't have enough, That'is why I said last time, like Cuba, Mexico, Philipnes ; we need to educate, but produce also more technicians and more professionals in

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Elcie says...

so real sa ou di a.

kounie a nou giyin yon prezidan ki an fet nou le diaspora travail pou digicel, cam transfert an impossant sou nou yon certain montant come si se restavek yo nou ye. le nap pran immiliation nan min blan epi yap pran plezi yo nan plaj ak bel

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Max Mills says...

Well my dear Colette, you are not alone in that puzzle, a few of us are trying hard to understand " what the hell happened to all that money donated to Haiti " up to now no answer.

My problem is what is the next move from this president.

Is he going to change course from the previous ones or is he going to do the same.

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Garry Destin says...

This means somethung good is about to happen.

Also more forigners, more apportunity.

Remember the chinese, Italians, jamaucans, dominicans and most of all Polish.

It is a sign of

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