Haiti U-17 Soccer Team Banned and Humiliated In Jamaica

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Topic: Haiti U-17 Soccer Team Banned and Humiliated In Jamaica

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I will like to remind everyone, before we start any sort of blablabla, the haitian soccer team U 17 was elininated from the final phase of the... read more >
Claude Baudin, 25-Feb-11 6:56 pm
I want the young Haitians in the diaspora to take notice, and stop pretending they are Jamaicans. It is nonsense, and I have nothing against them... read more >
Josy, 26-Feb-11 5:08 pm
Intelligent debates has no rooms for insults, read more >
Ronald Jean Louis, 27-Feb-11 10:35 am
why don't you just shut up, if you have nothing interesting to say. read more >
Mamay, 3-Mar-11 1:53 pm
it's good for those haitian that pretend to be jamaican. one day the jamaican footballteam will come to haiti, we should do the same,, deport them... read more >
Paul, 4-Mar-11 5:53 am
WE are haitian this is all you need to know I love jamaican for one simple reason they need help from becoming a mass of retarded drug heads rasta... read more >
Robert Louissaint, 5-Mar-11 11:08 pm
its sad that those type of mistreatment is coming from another black nation. what goes around comes around the bad part about it when white men is... read more >
John, 9-Apr-11 10:36 am
The jamaicans are a bunch of fools. period. we are waiting for them. one day they will come to hait.i read more >
Stevenson, 8-Jul-12 12:53 pm
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