Haiti U-17 Soccer Team Banned and Humiliated In Jamaica

The Haitian U-17 National soccer team has just been banned from the qualifying tournament for the U-17 world championships because... Read this... Jamaican authorities fear these young Haitian soccer players and their trainers will somehow infect Jamaica with cholera!

Do you believe this? A medical team forced the whole Haitian soccer team to return to their hotel and stay there with heavy security intended to make sure that no Haitians left the premises.

The mayor of Montego Bay asked Dadou Jean-Bart, president of the Haitian football federation, to call in a plane from Haiti so that the team could return home without infecting any other passengers.

Have you heard anything about this?

Can you believe this?

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Stevenson says...

The jamaicans are a bunch of fools.


we are waiting for them. one day they will come to

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John says...

its sad that those type of mistreatment is coming from another black nation.

what goes around comes around the bad part about it when white men is looking at us they see all of us as niggers.

and we start disceimating among ourselves its just sad and ignorant i was gonna go there on vacation with my wife scratch dat i'm goin to africa instead.

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Robert Louissaint says...

WE are haitian this is all you need to know I love jamaican for one simple reason they need help from becoming a mass of retarded drug heads rasta is wecome all over the world but it is not a practice for me i dont think we shoud have any bad feeling against them they negro just like

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Paul says...

it's good for those haitian that pretend to be jamaican.

one day the jamaican footballteam will come to haiti, we should do the same,, deport them back to

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Mamay says...

why don't you just shut up, if you have nothing interesting to

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Ronald Jean Louis says...

Intelligent debates has no rooms for

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Josy says...

I want the young Haitians in the diaspora to take notice, and stop pretending they are Jamaicans.

It is nonsense, and I have nothing against them. They should imitate Haitians, and not the other way around.

I want them to stop dressing, and acting like Jamaicans.

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Claude Baudin says...

I will like to remind everyone, before we start any sort of blablabla, the haitian soccer team U 17 was elininated from the final phase of the tournament by losing to El Salvador 3-0 and Costa Rica 3-1 the two teams from his group, Haiti was not qualified be in the final with US, jamaica, El Salvado and T&T.
FIFA reglements dictated when a team is eliminate from a tournament, they have to vacate their Hotel in 24 hours following their last

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Mamay says...

The Haitian Government should cut all diplomatic link and correspondence with Jamaica and close the Jamaican embassy in Haiti that's our demand, we don't need them, we don't want them, fuck

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Mamay says...

I'm really disappointed by the way Jamaican government treated the Haitians, what do they think they are?, those fucking asshole
i hhhhhhatttte them, do they think they are better than Haitians?, i can believe it, only Bob Marley was preaching peace and love if he was here may be he will also be disappointed, i cannot even calle them fucking racist because they are darker than the coal itself, they represent the devil in person if they treat children like

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