It all sounds good, that is if it is not going to be at the...

Neg Nago - July 5 2010, 9:18 PM

It all sounds good, that is if it is not going to be at the expense of the traditional Haitian poor working class...Will they be paid decent enough wages to live on, send their children to school (hence prevent juvenile prostitution?) Will they have any benefits i.e. vacation and sick days?

Will there be UNIONS or SINDICATS created to protect and represent them when wage negotioation become imperative?

What sort of working condition will they work in and what kind of harzadous (cancer causing) materials will they be working with everyday?

The list could go on and on...

Folks, you must be very aware that "opening Factories in Haiti" does not necessarily mean a God send miracle or hope for Haiti...this can simply means more EXPLOITATION of a destitute and hopelessly desperate people who would see it as a "blessing" instead!
Also, those of you leaving in the US, REMEMBER that this is the same MR. Johnson who shamelessly called President Barak Obama a "Crack head"during his campaign against Hillary Clinton...because of what he was promised if only Ms. Clinton had been elected.

Mr. Johnson could be a wolf in sheep's clothing...Hayisien louvri je nou gran, pa kite "YO' pran nou nan piej tankou avan!

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