helping haitian together

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U.N Worker predict more haitian will die because they don't provide enough help :

My opinion is that, I know what my people is enduring after the heathquake and we haitian people can't totally depend on U.N to help our nation we need to be more involve in helping haiti.

we need to form little group to help on each corner of haiti.

I know there's lot of haitian who has great job in america who can afford to participate in helping haiti, we haitian people need to work as one to stop poverty in haiti.

For example I was born on south of haiti and that where I'm focuses to help such as keep our culture alive, drink soup togerther every january 1, go to haiti for flag, bring culture clothes for those who can't affort it and feed the hunger every december through january ect. Other haitians can do the same by focus to another town. I will be happy if any haitian interesting in these ideas focus to your town. I would like to have a meeting with those interesting, where we all can share a comments.

M phone number is 317 717 8870.

Betina Jeanmary, July 6 2010, 10:20 AM

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