Excellent news about 2 new factories in Haiti, you are to be...

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Excellent news about 2 new factories in Haiti, you are to be commended, Mr.Johnson, for your business acumen!!

Barbara, June 29 2010, 7:13 AM

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Topic: Black Billionaire Building 2 Factories In Haiti

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Excellent news about 2 new factories in Haiti,you are to be commended, Mr.Johnson,for your business acumen!! read more >
Barbara, 29-Jun-10 7:13 am
Yesterday I was thinking why I am being optimistic about the situation back home. This is one of the reasons. Thanks a bunch Mr. Johnson. read more >
Damebochie, 29-Jun-10 9:20 am
Thanks to Mr.Jonhon and others who are thinkking about doing the same thing. Thanks in advance. I am sure that they're more coming. I have a... read more >
Pierre B., 29-Jun-10 12:58 pm
Bob Johnson aka Mr BET wants to build factories in Haiti so the workers can build homes. This sounds like a good news to me. However, Who will be... read more >
Will Smith, 29-Jun-10 2:25 pm
Mr Johnson: It is great of you to build factories in Haiti which is certainly needed However, like Oprah, your help goes to others in foriegn land... read more >
Mckinley Dillingham, 1-Jul-10 8:58 am
It all sounds good, that is if it is not going to be at the expense of the traditional Haitian poor working class...Will they be paid decent enough... read more >
Neg Nago, 5-Jul-10 9:18 pm


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