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Woodring, I thought about what you said and I had a perspective and it may be another Food for though: I am Haitian but raise in America most of my life, but at the same time I love my people and feel very passionate about Haitian culture to the core. I always wish that Haiti was protected, thought we don't fight the kind of wars westernized countries fight but yet you and I both know we've probably fought the ugliest wars in history; it is the war to stay alive, we are lacking the basic necessities of life: food, security and shelter.

Anyway, the Food for thought is: we have seen the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, and now I hate to say this and almost worry what some people might think but here it is: I feel patriotic from an American perspective, why?

because Americans primarily have put out a lot of money to help us and they are trying to help us rebuild at this present time, sort of speak, thought I hear stories about lack of tents, still I think they have shown tremendous support that we ought to start appreciating and changing our sense of insecurity with them and try to come to some kind of political and economically sound relationship in order to elevate Haiti.

Amecicans and the rest of the other countries who are in Haiti from my perspective our are soldiers for now who are supporting us, we need to start to put some trust in them, but at the same time demand our government officials in Haiti to watch our back by being wise, proactive, in making sound and reasonable decisions in the interest of our people.

Can you read between the lines here?

Don't get me wrong, we can continue guarding our "Haiti Cheri" with our words, but is not enough to feed them or take them out of poverty.

the blind can not lead the blind; meaning the government in Haiti has not done well over the past decades and the population is deprived of proper education, resources or even rights that they can trust in exercising, so when not enough voices are heard than the government gets away with so much. We can not do it by ourselves, let's get some help, meanwhile fight for what is important for our country.

Marie, March 28 2010, 9:34 PM

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Richelet Etienne, 28-Mar-10 2:32 pm
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Michoue, 28-Mar-10 3:29 pm
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Josy, 28-Mar-10 9:01 pm
Woodring, I thought about what you said and I had a perspective and it may be another Food for though: I am Haitian but raise in America most of my... read more >
Marie, 28-Mar-10 9:34 pm
Good Job Keep it up the world needs more people like u God Bless! read more >
Isaac, 29-Mar-10 8:45 pm
The only thing this reminds me of is the fact that Haiti does not have a military. It most definitely does not bring thoughts of the United States... read more >
Clnmike, 3-Apr-10 8:19 pm
Verry deep thought!!! You're right.Thanks,thanks and thanks. read more >
Ernest Jean Rene, 23-May-10 12:21 am


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