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To give my answer to the lack of land that has the Haitian Government, I wish, saying that the NGO (UNICREDEC), is sponsoring the Project for Reconstruction and Development of New Haiti (PRDNH), we have already made contact with most Haitian authorities, including President Rene Preval, Prime Minister Bellerive, the United Nations representative, Bill Clinton, etc.., for the purpose of coordinating efforts and cooperation among all the living forces in order to achieve the development objective Haiti final.

For example, we are asking the government land in each province to establish the basis for the project.

If we see the name of the project is re-founding Haiti, so the Haitian government and the Haitian Government institutions, have not yet fallen into account that they have the first responsibility more on the development of Haiti.

They must understand that natural resources like land, water, air space, are primarily owned by the state, although in Democracy recognizes private property, if the state needs land for a public work (of benefit to the community) the constitution and land laws, entitle him to declare public utility such land in the Dominican Republic, for example, is so.
Thus within the New General Reconstruction of Haiti, the Government, Congress Haitin the institucones Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations (civil society) have to work urgently in the management of Haitian territory, starting from zero and first considering the state as absolute master of all the land of Haiti.

It must create new laws for ownership and registration of land within a new modern state.

The land for development projects in Haiti, have to bring the Haitian State, the only way to develop Haiti.

Victor Manuel Guerrero, March 22 2010, 3:37 PM

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Topic: How much land does the Haitian Government Own?

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Jacques Laine, 22-Mar-10 1:23 pm
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Berbadette S, 22-Mar-10 1:46 pm
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Will Smith, 22-Mar-10 2:10 pm
Para dar mi respuesta a la falta de terreno que tiene el Gobierno Haitiano, quiero primero decirles que La Organizacion No Gubernamental... read more >
Victor Manuel Guerrero, 22-Mar-10 3:30 pm
To give my answer to the lack of land that has the Haitian Government, I wish, saying that the NGO (UNICREDEC), is sponsoring the Project for... read more >
Victor Manuel Guerrero, 22-Mar-10 3:37 pm
Mr. Woodrin Quiero hacer una aclaracion: En la nueva legislacion de la tierra en Haiti, el Gobierno debe considerar primeramente al Estado como due read more >
Victor Manuel Guerrero, 22-Mar-10 3:47 pm
Mr. Woodrin I want to clarify one point: In the new land legislation in Haiti, the government must first consider the State as owner of all land... read more >
Victor Manuel Guerrero, 22-Mar-10 3:52 pm
Woodrin, ther more than enough of gverment land in the country, from where i grow up like yousaid, gin anpil (te leta). the trouble is, our... read more >
Thomas, 22-Mar-10 6:29 pm
Hello, me, what I can say is that we do not state in Haiti, there are profiteers, blofeurs, thieves and even though pir. They think only of... read more >
Dieumene, 22-Mar-10 6:36 pm
i have a feeling that this land thing is going to be a way way for the same special interest (elite) to get their part of the cake. If little money... read more >
Louverture, 22-Mar-10 7:26 pm
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