President Sarkozy Visit To Haiti

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Topic: President Sarkozy Visit To Haiti

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As our brother Bob Marley said in one of his songs "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds ".Meaning that if... read more >
Max Mills, 17-Feb-10 12:42 pm
A case for Reparation! You know I have forgiven slavery. I can even almost justify it by saying that it was an evil institution that was in place at... read more >
Carline Verrier, 17-Feb-10 1:43 pm
Indeed this a historical visit. I am just wondering what Toussaint Louverture, Dessalines, Christophe, Our Heroes of the independance, are thinking... read more >
Vava, 17-Feb-10 2:04 pm
This to show it take 250K dead, 300K injured, 2 million homeless and worsening conditions to what already existed in the poorest nation of the... read more >
Serge, 17-Feb-10 2:47 pm
It is a nice gesture and symbolic in nature. I hope this visit bears fruit and not just for photo op. Haiti needs more than a visit from the french... read more >
Sonip, 17-Feb-10 3:36 pm
prezans Sarkozy pa nesese haiti,se lajan francais te fe nou peye pou yo rekonet indepandans nou a pou li remet,olye li pile terre sacre nou an. read more >
Pierre Richard, 17-Feb-10 4:23 pm
If he is not coming with the billions of dollars his nation stole from us he needs to get the hell out. read more >
Clnmike, 17-Feb-10 4:34 pm
What a genius you are my friend, that would be exactly my comments, i don't think we sould confuse herself between the past and our future as we are... read more >
Thomas Valcin, 17-Feb-10 6:04 pm
Ithink it is a good thing, i think we need try to coorporate now, we are not in position to push someone like President Sarkozy VISIT in Haiti,we... read more >
Thomas Valcin, 17-Feb-10 6:21 pm
As one always says half of the truth has not been told.You are right to say we need to pursue this type of negations with diplomacy.Well my dear... read more >
Max Mills, 17-Feb-10 10:13 pm
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