I felt sorry for them at first and cried my guts out. The real...

I felt sorry for them at first and cried my guts out. The real news Rene Preval is in the Dominican Republic.

The Spanish folks asked why all police from the north and other parts of Haiti don't come down and help and his answer was "preval is not in Haiti, he is in the DR.
The whole notion that preval is talking to the people through the radio wave is not true and makes no sense first of all no power.

Preval has cars and trucks at his request any time. A persom who cares would be the vanguard, the one running up and down gathering his cabinet and give words of wisdom to the people.

preval first of all humiliated Haitians as a whole..."I am homeless" "My palace is gone" such a low class...he should stay in the Dominican Republic cause he has made a fool of himself...at the same time the people lifted us all up. God will bless them.

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I think they do, but it's overwelming for them too...

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