The Haitian government simply do not care, regardless of how...

Wilgeens Rosenberg - January 20 2010, 4:03 AM

The Haitian government simply do not care, regardless of how overwhelming it might be for them in this incident.

What do you expect from a government what never actually have to do work and never have to worry about the consequences of them not doing work?

The point is, it is not that the people would not be understandable that indeed the situation is overwhelming, but when a government have not yet directly address the people in a heartfelt press conference to give the people words of comfort for solace like Wyclef and Aristide and even Duvalier did. It does not matter how fast or slow a government is working or not working on this overwhelming chaos (we hope and wish it could be fast, rather but...), there is only one interpretation for it.

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