It is a series of lessons taught at an early age, but...

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It is a series of lessons taught at an early age, but education is one of the main reasons.

You are taught at an early age the value of your country, and the Haitian flag. You learned about the leaders, and their heroism.

It makes you proud, and it stays with you for life. "Pour le drapeau" "Pour la patrie mourire est beau".

This is powerful, and it taught you about what is important in life. Let's not forget about "Civic et Morale" classes, and it is unheard of in the USA. Those lessons started at home by our family, and are reinforced continuously.

We become even more attached to our country, and proud of it after living in other places.

We realize what we had, and appreciate more. We suffer discrimination, and humiliation abroad.

My two children were born in the USA, and are as Americans as apple pies. They both consider themselves Haitians, and have the flags in their cars. They know the stories about the First Black Republic, and our heroes who are like no others in the world.

They love Haitian Foods, and speak Creole.

I could go on, and on. We are like no other people in the world, and it is thank to education in the home or in school.

Josy, December 20 2009, 4:16 PM

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Topic: Why are people who go to Haiti so attached to her?

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It is a series of lessons taught at an early age, but education is one of the main reasons. You are taught at an early age the value of your... read more >
Josy, 20-Dec-09 4:16 pm
u got that right my brother i love my couintry so much spesialy went u just come from vaccation u make me want to go right now i miss christmas in... read more >
Guerline, 20-Dec-09 4:40 pm
I just leaved Haiti to live aux Bahamas with my daddy, trust me i feel so sad to leave my family and friends and more. Ahd i got to say i am very... read more >
Batheline, 20-Dec-09 6:22 pm
Simply speaking creole does not show love for Haiti. You show love for Haiti when you actually give back to her. Many Haitians living in the Bahamas... read more >
Cleo, 20-Dec-09 6:43 pm
My dear friend, I couldn't tell you how I was so surprised to read your article about Haiti my lover. I have been here for ten years, I left Haiti... read more >
Beko, 20-Dec-09 7:22 pm
Jean Alix Jean-simon, 20-Dec-09 7:23 pm
Mon cher St.Preux: Vous est-il arrive en primaire de fredonner ce ptit chant d'Haiti? Haiti, tu vivras; C'est le cri de notre ame. Que notre etre... read more >
Arnold Principal, 20-Dec-09 7:36 pm
I, moved to United States, 12 years ago i was 15 yrs old, it took me while to ajust to everything, but Haiti was always on my mind, untill 3 months... read more >
Gracie, 20-Dec-09 7:59 pm
Mr.St-Preux you are 100% right about it, I have been leaving in USA for the last 11 years every time I remember my beautiful Haiti "Perles des... read more >
Yolande, 20-Dec-09 8:24 pm
Woodring I couldn't agree more. I have been living in USA since 1984 and I go at least once a year. Well said Man By the way I think you are doing a... read more >
Peg, 20-Dec-09 8:55 pm
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