Child Slavery in Haiti

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Topic: Child Slavery in Haiti

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As an Haitian, i fell like i'm bleeding inside. read more >
Junior, 3-Jan-09 11:06 pm
This is not right This is not look good This is wrong No matter how much we know our kids are suffering in Haiti,in sclavery, in misery neverteless... read more >
Marie, 4-Jan-09 12:43 am
Hi Junior I read your message is very sort read more >
Marie, 4-Jan-09 12:47 am
This matter is not recent actually (unless it's a second one). A few months ago I was watching it on ABC news. It's just a shame that a country like... read more >
Taty, 4-Jan-09 11:09 am
My husband and I both work but, we have no children. Just help us get a child. That child will be loved by us and our family. I was born in... read more >
Sonia Charles, 8-Jan-09 2:26 pm
you was born haitian to be a blessing to haiti. read more >
Manuchca, 13-Jan-09 9:32 pm
why are we Haitians, have so much pains in our lives. Our mother land is always in an uprour. We get no help. When we do our own people do there... read more >
Sonia Charles, 21-Jan-09 3:55 pm
To all, I hope you also saw my response to ABC read more >
Raymond Joseph, 21-Jan-09 11:41 pm
Hi Woody; I've been your fan for many years and been reading your news almost every day, but I never read a so shocking news like this one! As a... read more >
J. Garry Volcy, 26-Jan-09 3:18 am
Well... In Haiti we call them RESTAVEKS and that makes it OK read more >
Woody, 26-Jan-09 3:19 am
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