Haitian Poets in South Florida

Gail - November 1 2008, 11:36 AM

I am an haitian from London and I was on vacation in Florida..A friend invited me to "the petit resto" that was fantastic...I enjoy being around artists.

Florida is moving on with that kind of activities, not only you can enjoy the "konpa", but also you can sit back relax and clean up your mind with a warm poetry night..

I love all the performers but there is one poet that still capture my mind with one of his poem. His name is Herold Pierre; his poem titled "an nou priye pou ayiti"..In less than 5 minutes he embraces hatian's story, its bith, its glory and its struggle..I am telling you that poetry should be in our litterature...that is a master piece with no biais...

Florid keep on doing the good work


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