L'Union fait la force telle est notre devise

Richard M Joseph Iii - May 1 2008, 11:40 PM

I agree with you, brother.

You've got a good point.

Instead of finding a way to relieve the unending tension in Haiti, many people believe that the present president, René Préval, and all the ones that preceded him before, should be overthrown and replaced in order to resolve the problem--high-cost living "la vi chè." Everyone is moving from the countryside to settle in the city, aggravating the situation.

Migrating to the capital city is not going to reduce the cost of living nor is will it bring peace to Haiti and among us. Showing the government that we understand our current situation and its acknowledgement and efforts to BRING DOWN THE WALL would help us make two and even three steps forward.

Again, overthrowing all government that comes to power is the inadequate strategy to resolve any problem.

Throughout the past two decades, we've burned down hospitals and schools, the two most important things in a society, after food of course.

How's the nation going to move forward if we keep destroying the things that we should cherish the most?

Aren't we tired of repeating the same mistakes we've been making over and over?

I believe we should; otherwise, there will be no hope for our beloved country.

We need to unite
we need to learn
to take care of ourselves and our own
we need to use the matter-how-little-resources-we-still-have
we need to survive this tragedy
that has struck the Haitian People,
we need to overcome our ignorance
our selfishness
to move forward;
we need to prevail
no matter what.

Life wasn't made to be as hard and difficult as it has gotten today.

If it that way, it's us who have to try to change things around we the hope of having a better future for our children and those generations to succeed us, although time might not allow us to enjoy those hard work we'd put forth.

If we could see, first, the next generation before ourselves, then we would have accomplished greater things.

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