very funny!

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you are so funny woodring st-preux with that thing

Jenyfer, December 6 2007, 5:32 PM

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Topic: US Airways, Flight Delayed due to a Boken Cofeemaker

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you are so funny....well that's great news for you for the always find a way to keep all the peeps out there well... read more >
Marie Saint Preux, 28-Nov-07 1:02 pm
Woudy, May be it is for the better because you do not want the pilots to go to sleep while in the air so they had to wait for the coffee maker to be... read more >
Franty Cleophat, 29-Nov-07 8:32 am
Mr St Preux still had the time, may be still at some comfort, A/C and still be able to get creative. It is also understable that Mr St Preux as a... read more >
Ron Lori, 29-Nov-07 9:13 am
Dear Woodring, Sorry for your pains, the coffee is important because "America runs on Dunkins.." Be patient until some brilliant pilot figures out... read more >
Jrhau, 30-Nov-07 2:06 pm
you are so funny woodring st-preux with that thing read more >
Jenyfer, 6-Dec-07 5:32 pm
well things happen if not for worse can be for best GOD is good stay bless read more >
Jelen, 7-Nov-09 7:13 pm


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