US Airways, Flight Delayed due to a Boken Cofeemaker

I am writing this inside of a US Airways plane in Orlando FL.

We have been sitting in the play for the past 1 hour because the coffee maker is broken. they boarded the flight and we are waiting because of a Broken coffee maker.

They just made the announcement that we will most likely have to wait for a later connecting flight out of philadelphia.

I had the time to design this nice graphic while waiting for for the coffeemaker to be fixed.

Stay tuned!

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Jelen says...

well things happen if not for worse can be for best GOD is good stay

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Jenyfer says...

you are so funny woodring st-preux with that

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Jrhau says...

Dear Woodring,

Sorry for your pains, the coffee is important because "America runs on Dunkins.."
Be patient until some brilliant pilot figures out what to do...

Sing for the rest of the folks, they are probably devastated by that.

Don't worry, Be Happy!! (It's a song!!!)

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Ron Lori says...

Mr St Preux still had the time, may be still at some comfort, A/C and still be able to get creative.

It is also understable that Mr St Preux as a professional wanted to get right away to his destination.

Something good came out of it. The nice design and being able to share it with us.

Great report.

Thank him for his great work

Long live fouye

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Franty Cleophat says...

Woudy, May be it is for the better because you do not want the pilots to go to sleep while in the air so they had to wait for the coffee maker to be fixed.

If that is the only way for the to stay awake while smelling the coffee brewing in the

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Marie Saint Preux says...

you are so funny...well that's great news for you for the always find a way to keep all the peeps out there well informed so they witness your journey of the stupidity that goes around the world.

Thank God, you didn't have a funeral to attend, or see a dying friend, or a baby on the

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Celia E. says...

That is absolutely sickening to have to wait that long just because of a coffee maker, but God bless America because you could voice your frustration openly.

Don't forget to vote next

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