Se pou yo foute yo pèn de mo, mete on moun konsa nan...

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se pou yo foute yo pèn de mo, mete on moun konsa nan prizon se pa jistis, sa'w fè se li ou wè

Sherlie, December 21 2015, 5:19 PM

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Topic: Haiti Kidnapping - Lencie Mirville Kidnappers Arrested, Hard to Believe Story...

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Kill boss Sonson! read more >
Kreyolman, 21-Dec-15 5:01 pm
se pou yo foute yo pen de mo,mete on moun konsa nan prizon se pa jistis,sa'w fe se li ou we read more >
Sherlie, 21-Dec-15 5:19 pm
It sad to see the world, lacks wather as our eyes err tears, it sad to see the Humain,becomes the mundane demon!!! i thank there is no pain, so... read more >
Wolf Emile, 21-Dec-15 11:17 pm
I am not surprised at all, and have seen or heard it all. I really thought Haitians were going to repent, and confess their sins after the... read more >
Josy, 22-Dec-15 4:31 am
I do not understand. To the extreme limit those things re going, I believe that it's time the Haitian Government outs an end to it.They continue to... read more >
Ronald, 22-Dec-15 9:42 am
Money is the main problem in Haiti. They love money too much, it's a root of evil. read more >
Who Ever Put Those Guys I, 22-Dec-15 8:01 pm
It's just so sad how this mechanic guy just had no remorse for what he planned........ god knows best...... may she rest in peace read more >
Jeanne Michel, 23-Dec-15 4:18 pm
Really, you think that Black People are evil. What about walking into a church service, asking for the head pastor, sit next to him and shoot him... read more >
Jay Way, 23-Dec-15 6:50 pm
Why did you punish her four times? Why would you kidnap her, rape her and make her dad give her money, when in the end you killed her. read more >
Jacques Glaude, 25-Dec-15 10:59 am
when is the Haitian Government is going to step up and make these type of crimes punishable with life in prison or death penalty..and they wonder... read more >
Jd, 28-Dec-15 8:58 am
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