Haiti Kidnapping - Lencie Mirville Kidnappers Arrested, Hard to Believe Story...

The hottest news in the Haitian media today is not only the fact that 4 suspects were arrested for the kidnapping of young Haitian college student Lencie Mirville but the WHO... Who actually did it... This is shocking... The man who brought the ransom money to the kidnappers was the kidnapper himself... The father's mechanic, a trusted man in the house. He even cried at her funeral...

PHOTO: Lencie Mirville - Kidnapped and Murdered in Haiti
PHOTO: Lencie Mirville - Kidnapped and Murdered in Haiti

KREYOL: Tande sa... Haiti, Nèg la a kidnape piti fi moun yo, epi se li ki ap konsole papi, se li ki ap negosye ak kidnapè yo, se li ki pote lajan ranson an ale, misye menm kriye nan lanteman demwazèl la apre li fè touye piti moun yo... Kisa ou panse de sa???

His name is "Boss Sonson," Desir Jebson, The mechanic of Lencie's father, who got together with Guerrier Jean Francky, Barthelmy Edison and Geraldy B. William to comit what the Haitian media is calling the crime of the year.

The trusted mechanic asked the young Lencie to hop in his car for a ride, little did she know, she was being kidnapped and she would never return home again.

TO make matters worse, Boss Sonson negotiates with the kidnappers on the fathers behalf, he offered to bring the ransom money knowing full well Lencie was dead.

Wait there's more... After the funeral, Lencie's father told Boss Sonson he was going the the bank to get some money to finish paying for her daugher's funeral, Boss Sonson call the kidnappers to rob the father and steal the funeral money...

Hmmmm... Who can you trust these days?

What do you think about that?

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Jean Max Deslouches says...

The blind love of money.

When you rich that point nothing gonna stop you to do whatever it is for money.

At that point you're no longer a human being, you're just a monster.

All of that, just because you turn your back to your source; you're creator (GOD) that makes a whole lot

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Yekutiel Azor says...

Crimes will no longer go unpunished.

Wrong deed will be balanced.

These man should be raped by the homosexual community their and castrated.

Peace & B

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Gustave Fleury says...

Hello, all these criminals deserve the most severe punishment while they are alive and then, kill them slowly one after another.

Or cut them in pieces to death.

That's my opinion.

Thank you

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Jd says...

when is the Haitian Government is going to step up and make these type of crimes punishable with life in prison or death penalty ..and they wonder why Haitians abroad refuse to go back and invest in the country or take a vacation with their loved ones.

But they like to claim that we are deserting our country
God Bless that

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Jacques Glaude says...

Why did you punish her four times?

Why would you kidnap her, rape her and make her dad give her money, when in the end you killed

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Jay Way says...

Really, you think that Black People are evil. What about walking into a church service, asking for the head pastor, sit next to him and shoot him first and six other attendees of the service.

What about shooting and killing close to 10 people in a crowded theater?

what about cribbling a 16 year old with 16 bullets...etc. etc.etc. Do those things take in Haiti where people are being starved in contrast to some other place where the poorest of parents are buying 50 dollar Nike tennis shoes for their

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Jeanne Michel says...

It's just so sad how this mechanic guy just had no remorse for what he planned...

god knows best....

may she rest in

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Who Ever Put Those Guys I says...

Money is the main problem in Haiti.

They love money too much, it's a root of

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Ronald says...

I do not understand.

To the extreme limit those things re going, I believe that it's time the Haitian Government outs an end to it.They continue to arrest those assholes put them to jail for a certain time and release them, It is time the Government makes an example and send a message to them " no more ".You kill we kill you and that will stop. They love to kill but are scared to be killed themselves.

That stinky boss sonson deserves to die publiquely and the rest will get the

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Josy says...

I am not surprised at all, and have seen or heard it all. I really thought Haitians were going to repent, and confess their sins after the earthquake.

Nature turned against us, and earthquake is a sign of judgment from G-D. The earth vomited 300,000.00 people, and it did not change hearts.

Human beings are evil by nature, and we are in the last days. Negres Noir sont des mechants, et c'est la meme histoire en Afrique.

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