Tout espwa mwen se sou Bondye li ye, si virus sa rantre nan...

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tout espwa mwen se sou Bondye li ye, si virus sa rantre nan peyi a pap gen ayiti anko

Sherlie, October 10 2014, 9:23 AM

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Topic: Ebola in Haiti - What would you do if EBOLA landed in Haiti?

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Your discussion with your friend is not an improbability! Ebola is worst than AIDS!! The authority wants the public to believe it is not airborne... read more >
Renee Sou Facebook, 9-Oct-14 10:03 pm
Monsieur, Importante question? Mais si EBOLA arrive en Haiti il sera trop tard pour que Haiti agisse par ses propres moyens. Haiti devra compter sur... read more >
Paul Dja, 10-Oct-14 4:08 am
Well for starters. My God is an awesome God; he would deliver us from this catastrophe, he has done it once, he could do it again. Il est le meme... read more >
Richie, 10-Oct-14 7:38 am
tout espwa mwen se sou Bondye li ye,si virus sa rantre nan peyi a pap gen ayiti anko read more >
Sherlie, 10-Oct-14 9:23 am
God is greater than ebola. keep. all those that are sick with this desease in ypur prayers. What doctors cannot do God can. pray pray pray. God... read more >
Yvette Duverge, 10-Oct-14 11:31 am
My peoples, I am sorry to say, ebola is not far to landing in Haiti for what I know if France and United states don't do anything because I think... read more >
Delinois Eugene, 10-Oct-14 11:44 am
Ahhhhhhh papa! Ti neg pat kon-n pan mwen! Se pou tout Prezidan yo purifie ak tout fan-mi yo au nom de Jesus. Se pou tout lapolis, Munistah, L'arme... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 11-Oct-14 8:31 am


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