Idiotic. Shameful. Build BRIDGES, not barriers.

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Build BRIDGES, not barriers.

C Rieger, June 22 2014, 7:20 AM

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Topic: Build a WALL between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, says Dominican Politician

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There is nothing wrong with that. yo Travay di pou mete peyi yo kote'l ye Jodi a nou menm se pooch nou Konnen zafe peyi a. Shame on haitian politician read more >
Les, 18-Jun-14 8:26 am
I think this guy does not know the consequences of the wall building between Haiti and Dominican republic, because they will loose the lion share of... read more >
Dufresne Michel, 18-Jun-14 11:52 am
Really, Do you know the cost Haitians represent to the Dominican Republic? Medically, socially, culturally we cannot, and don't want to afford that... read more >
Dr1, 20-Jun-14 4:29 pm
C tre byen kanmenm paske Dominiken gen moun kap panse pou yo,peyi pam nan c yon bann moun san ideoloji,san vizyon,ki bliye rasin yo ki kenbe Haiti... read more >
Joe Daphny Telus, 21-Jun-14 6:59 pm
Idiotic. Shameful. Build BRIDGES, not barriers. read more >
C Rieger, 22-Jun-14 7:20 am
"I hope the people of Haiti take notice and start voting for people who can go to work to make Haiti a much better place so that Haiti will no... read more >
Ricart, 25-Jun-14 11:13 am


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