Soup Joumou - Haitian Soup of FREEDOM

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Topic: Soup Joumou - Haitian Soup of FREEDOM

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Believe me, we "drink " soup joumou and moin kapab desan deux ou trois bowl soup in one hour. read more >
Topic, 27-Dec-03 5:20 pm
Wood, I would like to use some of your words to make some t-shirts for our big big day, if is ok with you. read more >
Topic, 27-Dec-03 10:17 pm
Yes... You have my permission to use my words on your t-shirts... as long as you give me full credit on the t-shirt itself A commission is entirely... read more >
Topic, 28-Dec-03 2:50 am
It is very important that we understand ki moun nou ye! A lot of us do not realize sa ki te fet pou liberte. This premye janvye I will be in thought... read more >
Topic, 29-Dec-03 3:43 pm
Wood, that's great, I will put your name on every t-shirt that will be made. This shirt will be giiven out for free to educate people of color about... read more >
Topic, 31-Dec-03 11:42 pm
The Haitian Internet and all the other Fouye! Websites are owned and operated by yours truly. They are not 501c3 organizations. read more >
Topic, 31-Dec-03 11:48 pm
Rain pours abundatly, nowhere to go. Puddles of water aoo over the roads. Fireflies, shimmers, whhile mosquitoes buzz around their ears. Enormous... read more >
Topic, 27-Jan-04 10:52 am
I would like to commend you on educating the mass of our rich history. I simply wanted you to see my haiti tee shirts on ebay, dedicated to haiti's... read more >
Topic, 13-Sep-04 7:13 pm
To answer your question we do both drink the liquid part of the soup and eat the solid part of the soup, you can't just swallow a piece of meat with... read more >
Marie Brutus, 30-Dec-05 2:40 pm
Thank you for schooling us younger generations what our parents have failed to teach us. Many of us within the younger generation do not know the... read more >
Haitian Sister, 2-Jan-06 5:33 pm
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