Soup Joumou - Haitian Soup of FREEDOM

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Topic: Soup Joumou - Haitian Soup of FREEDOM

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I have been drinking this soup all my life and I had no idea of the history behind it. I knew that it was a tradition, since my family only make so... read more >
Johanna Maurice, 5-Aug-08 11:21 am
"Libete ou lamort" does not mean "long live independent". It means "liberty or death". read more >
Moise, 16-Jan-09 3:08 pm
Thank you, Woody, for your Soup Joumou presentation. If I didn't have my bowl, You would send me to go steal one; fortunately, I had mine. Unlike... read more >
J.garry Volcy, 28-Jan-09 2:22 pm
bwe soup joumou ou tande monche Bonne anne 2009. can I have some soup joumou please in your bowl kidding lol read more >
Jiouanna Despeignes, 28-Jan-09 2:23 pm
i just had 3 bowls of soup.It was delious! read more >
Joelerne Joseph, 28-Jan-09 2:25 pm
"Soup joumou" is for me a reference of January the first 1804 (Independence or Death), Haiti must survive, but: Today, it is a need and precondition... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 1-Feb-09 6:38 pm
3 bowls of soup joumou, Are these delirious or delicious, any way in both cases (tradition every January first (Independence or Death) But: Today... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 1-Feb-09 6:45 pm
Dear Konfrere, if I May! I don read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 2-Feb-09 11:50 am
i am about to make a speech about this topic, and your article is very helpful; but can your answer your p.s. question please? lol because i dont... read more >
Stephanie, 26-Feb-09 3:43 pm
OU bwe Soup, You drink it LOL That's what I do read more >
Woodring, 28-Feb-09 8:23 pm
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