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Rain pours abundatly, nowhere to go. Puddles of water aoo over the roads.

Fireflies, shimmers, whhile mosquitoes buzz around their ears.

Enormous houses up the mountains with several rooms in sight, iron gates and carved doors.

yet others have none.

Mangoes, bananas, avocados,
scattered on the ground
as they pass through the plantations.

Yet people are famished.

Proud of their country.

Proud to see the first black
country to celebrate
200 years of independence.

Yet we are still fighting.

What have we achieved?

Not much some would say.
A roof over our heads,
food to eat, and water to drink.

It's meager for some,
yet others have none.

Without any struggle, there is no life.
we should put our knowledge,
our experiences, our hands together,
to help our country be what it was before.

To make our ancestors proud, of removing us from slavery.

Let's dance the Ibo dance,
like they dance,
when they had victory.

We are proud.

We must unscramble the puzzle.

It is not facile, with useful skills,
we will prevail.

Margarette Rose Peck

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Topic: Soup Joumou - Haitian Soup of FREEDOM

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Wood, I would like to use some of your words to make some t-shirts for our big big day, if is ok with you. read more >
Topic, 27-Dec-03 10:17 pm
Yes... You have my permission to use my words on your t-shirts... as long as you give me full credit on the t-shirt itself A commission is entirely... read more >
Topic, 28-Dec-03 2:50 am
It is very important that we understand ki moun nou ye! A lot of us do not realize sa ki te fet pou liberte. This premye janvye I will be in thought... read more >
Topic, 29-Dec-03 3:43 pm
Wood, that's great, I will put your name on every t-shirt that will be made. This shirt will be giiven out for free to educate people of color about... read more >
Topic, 31-Dec-03 11:42 pm
The Haitian Internet and all the other Fouye! Websites are owned and operated by yours truly. They are not 501c3 organizations. read more >
Topic, 31-Dec-03 11:48 pm
Rain pours abundatly, nowhere to go. Puddles of water aoo over the roads. Fireflies, shimmers, whhile mosquitoes buzz around their ears. Enormous... read more >
Topic, 27-Jan-04 10:52 am
I would like to commend you on educating the mass of our rich history. I simply wanted you to see my haiti tee shirts on ebay, dedicated to haiti's... read more >
Topic, 13-Sep-04 7:13 pm
To answer your question we do both drink the liquid part of the soup and eat the solid part of the soup, you can't just swallow a piece of meat with... read more >
Marie Brutus, 30-Dec-05 2:40 pm
Thank you for schooling us younger generations what our parents have failed to teach us. Many of us within the younger generation do not know the... read more >
Haitian Sister, 2-Jan-06 5:33 pm
I have been drinking this soup all my life and I had no idea of the history behind it. I knew that it was a tradition, since my family only make so... read more >
Johanna Maurice, 5-Aug-08 11:21 am
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