Soup Joumou - Haitian Soup of FREEDOM

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Topic: Soup Joumou - Haitian Soup of FREEDOM

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WOW!!! Thanks for this link. By coincidence my daughter and I were just discussing on this topic, She was asking me about the meaning of Soup Joumou... read more >
Deb Marabou Facebook, 2-Jan-12 10:40 am
I love the article. I myself am in a quest to share our beautiful culture with the rest of the world. I love your picture. Can I use it? Please... read more >
Richard, 25-May-12 11:38 am
I'm Jamaican and when I read this, it brought me to place of gratitude and pride. When you say if you want to know if Haitians love Haiti, then take... read more >
Sherine, 1-Jan-15 1:18 pm
Thank you to Woodring for a great article. Every year, I invite my friends from other islands to share my soup joumou. Now we have soup joumou... read more >
Phil Boucard, 25-Feb-16 6:55 am
Haiti should plant more pumpkins in all departments to sell to the USA> Canada, etc., everywhere Haitians are living. The pumpkins can make some... read more >
Paul Bance, 25-Feb-16 10:24 pm
Let's start planting trees that bear fruits in Haiti. guarantee in five years we can curb hunger read more >
Tigeorges, 25-Feb-16 11:10 pm
How come most Haitien don't remember why and what Jesus our Lord did for us. Whish is more than anything in this planet. What He endure, no one was... read more >
Luciana, 23-Mar-16 5:36 am
Checkout the brand New Mizikpam Internet Radio for your favorite Haitian Tunes 24/7!! read more >
Mizikpam, 30-Jul-16 1:53 pm
amen I love soup joumou a lot cause is my cultures thing and i cant stay 1 year without eating it it is so goo who ever never try it before. read more >
Linda, 28-May-17 9:33 pm
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