Haters...we work as cheap labors in dr...but what kind of work...

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haters ...we work as cheap labors in dr ...but what kind of work your people do, when they come in haiti ...educate yourself, do your homework, and you'll find out ...we are proud to be the first free black republic in the world ..we are not trying to be another race .like it or not, we are the chosen ones ..time will tell sooner than later ...

Jean Carol On Facebook, October 31 2013, 1:19 PM

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Topic: Haitians have nothing to offer other than cheap labor, a Dominican says...

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dominicain sa pa manke pa san ront, epi li frekan anpil tou wi,, bon pou jan yo vole pou ninpot ti lajan yo sal non yo epi lap vin di sa, se mwen ki... read more >
Christelle On Facebook, 31-Oct-13 1:15 pm
haters...we work as cheap labors in dr...but what kind of work your people do, when they come in haiti...educate yourself, do your homework,and... read more >
Jean Carol On Facebook, 31-Oct-13 1:19 pm
you called us savages...lol...but look at the definition of a civilized person : he is someone who knows the laws and rules about how people behave... read more >
Jean Carol On Facebook, 31-Oct-13 1:20 pm
moun sa yo vole 7 jou anvan chat read more >
Dominique P On Facebook, 31-Oct-13 1:41 pm
Pay attention to this statement, "We are not racist, we just became independent of you", said Dominicans. As you can see they are up to date about... read more >
Gauthier S On Facebook, 31-Oct-13 1:51 pm
To someone like this there is only one thing to say: NOTHING. Please do not start a war. If we do, there will be no winner in either side,but only... read more >
Kenol Aris, 31-Oct-13 2:14 pm
I can care less for what he said, he has his own opinion. I know myself. I don't need someone else to define me. Talking about education, did they... read more >
Phil, 31-Oct-13 2:17 pm
Obviously... this guy is mad because Haiti had occupied the Dominican Republic. Too bad! It's over! He needs to move on. read more >
Paul, 31-Oct-13 3:22 pm
The problem is the Dominicans don't even know who they are. They have an identity problem. They called themselves 'INDIO' so not to be called or... read more >
Achille, 31-Oct-13 4:52 pm
Well, unfortunately he is correct on many aspects of his arguments. Most Haitian in foreign countries are not educated, and they indeed lower the... read more >
Sir Deuce, 31-Oct-13 5:03 pm
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