Haitians have nothing to offer other than cheap labor, a Dominican says...

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic
Many of my Haitians readers are getting upset over a comment posted by a Dominican here on HaitianInternet.com over the topic: Build A WALL Between Haiti And The Dominican Republic... "Nobody wants Haitians," he says, we "don't have anything to offer other than cheap labor that, at the end, becomes more of a problem..."

Here is the comment as posted here:

Yes, we, Dominicans are very happy for the Wall!! Thank you Haiti!

Just so Haitians Know... we are no racist, we just became independent of you, we did something for ourself and now you guys want it. It not going to happen without lots of blood.

By the way, check yourself, you people... NOBODY wants Haitians. Every place you go you get send back. Why?

Maybe because you guys don't have any education, are sick, and don't have anything to offer other than cheap labor that at the end becomes more of a problem.

Please, we want you to be a civilized nation, with health, and education. Work for that, and let the DR alone.

We don't want you NOT because of your color, we don't want you because with no offense, you guys are a problem in every aspect of the word.

Like I said, sick, no education, behave like savages, and nothing to offer...

let me put it like this... if it was the other way around, what would you do? see? Thank you.


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Woody Dominicain an ap frape nou wi... Li di li pa rasist, li just renmen peyi-l e li vle yon Haiti ki ap fe efò a kote St Domeng... Ou kwè nou... see more
Reply · November 05 at 7:17 PM
Dr1 Hello Fellow Haitians! Sorry if I offended anybody here by just laying some facts. That was not my intention. Although my comments might seem racist... see more
Reply · November 05 at 11:27 AM
Ignorance Kills Pure ignorance. Haitians and Dominicans.
Reply · November 03 at 10:18 PM
Yindy While the comment he made might not have been the nice thing to say, I must say he said some things that were right... I am Haitian dark skinned and... see more
Reply · November 01 at 4:43 AM
Patrick Look who is talking about education, and he cannot even build a sentence... Let me remind you something fool, without Haitians you would be still a... see more
Reply · October 31 at 11:25 PM
Negbelair Obviously this guy is bitter about Haiti having taken care of the DR for 24 years and Haiti is a black nation cause you know they don't refer to... see more
Reply · October 31 at 7:09 PM
Jim Speaking of education, I noticed some errors in your letter. You need some education to improve your English.
Reply · October 31 at 5:34 PM
Sir Deuce Well, unfortunately he is correct on many aspects of his arguments. Most Haitian in foreign countries are not educated, and they indeed lower the... see more
Reply · October 31 at 5:03 PM
Achille The problem is the Dominicans don't even know who they are. They have an identity problem. They called themselves 'INDIO' so not to be called or... see more
Reply · October 31 at 4:52 PM
Paul Obviously... this guy is mad because Haiti had occupied the Dominican Republic. Too bad! It's over! He needs to move on.
Reply · October 31 at 3:22 PM
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