Wyclef Jean on 60 Minutes

Haitian Superstar Wyclef Jean was on 60 minutes sharing his hopes for Haiti. Watch the 60 minutes interview of Scott Pelley On The Rock Star's Efforts To Help His Homeland.

Watch the video:

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What Wyclef's father said to his son:

The night that Wyclef played at Carnegie Hall, his father said to him:

"Do you know when you make it in life? You know you make it when you show up.You see everybody.You see black, white. ou see Europeans.You see Africans. They don't see your color. They see the man. You made it."

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Louis says...

love ya wyclef you should run for

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Dina Michel-wiggins says...

I would vote for you, Clef.
You are a true treasure.

And, Haiti needs

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Ginoue says...

I love him for everything that he's doing for Haiti man. A good person only is worthy of a high position and can become the king of a nation.

And that's

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Carmel Ricot says...

Hi Wyclef you're doing a good job.If every Haitian thinks like that we will have new Haiti.This my dream to help my brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Wyclef no matter what happing this a job from God to you, you will get pay by God and never give up.

Do not forget Jesus loves you, that, s your turn to love him

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Louis says...

haiti needs a president with a big heart like

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Marie Myrick says...

I would like to thank Mr. Wyclef Jean for his work and committment to the children of Haiti.

My church foreign mission would like to provide some aid to the children in Haiti.

We are a small group with a compassion for helping where it is needed.

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