Why is there so little Haitian Business presence on the Web?

With all the Haitian businesses out there, less than one percent of them are online!

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Richard Wright says: Men can starve from lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread.

On a personal note, this saddens me.

With the invention of the World Wide Web, it is very easy for information to flow from it's destination to your house.

Lets say you live in North Miami Beach and you are in the mood for some Haitian food, you can't just logon to the Internet and browse the menus of the different restaurants and decide what to eat.

The reason is simple,

Although you can get Free internet service, Free email, and Free web pages, The businesses in the Haitian Community are still relying on repeat business and Radio.

While it's true that if they like your product and they will come back, how many people do you think do not come to your place of business simply because they don't know about you?

Here's another twist...

Perhaps they are not too sure you have what they want.

Most Haitian Businesses simply do not believe that someone will log in, go through the menu and be on their way to their place of business

I take the restaurant business as an example; however, i speak about all sorts of business in the community.

Here are a few example:

  • I would love to go online find out what Haitian barbers are available in my area
  • I would like to check and see what CDs, Videos, and Cassettes are available in my local retail store.
  • I would like to know what's on the menu at the local restaurant.
  • I would like to know what topics will be discussed on the next local radio show.

These are just a few.....

Why are Haitian Businesses not taking advantage of it?

I know a couple of places that claim they do not have the time for it or perhaps they think it's too expensive

They would like it to be very professional looking and until they are ready, they just won't do it

Let me tell you something folks.

While there are many critics on the web, most people are looking for information.

If you have the information they are looking for, the next question is whether or not they can read it. By that, I mean "Blue text on black background".

If they can read it, you are done.

This is my policy, when a website is loaded with 'Garbage' information, needs to be beautiful to get the attention of web surfers

On the other hand, important information needs to be simple, legible, and easy to navigate.

If you have a restaurant, most people just want to read your menu. If it's online, they can go through it and place their order before they come to your restaurant.

What does that mean to you, the restaurant owner? if there's more than one person in that house, you may just get more than one order...

So you're thinking about creating a webpage for

  • your restaurant,
  • your CD Store,
  • your barber shop,
  • your Bric-A-Brac,

Then use the "K-I-S-S" attitude

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Besides, If your business is on the web, you are way ahead of the other business who is waiting to build a beautiful site.

Buy your domain names and host your website at HostPapi.com

Written by:
Woodring Saint Preux
Fouye! Networks
Copyright (c) 2001

(Isn't that funny? This article was written back in 2001. 17 years later in 2018 you read it like it was written yesterday because Most Haitian businesses still do not have a presence on the web)

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Topic says...

live stroung and do what u want to do and be a gardener and im azan so do be mad lol lol

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Topic says...

I have yet to meet a Haitian who denies his nationality.

Traditionally we all are very nationalistic, very proud of our history and jealous of our culture.

Haitians have to stop paying attention to those who try to instill division among them by perpetuating this nonsense about Hatians being ashamed of their nationality.

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Topic says...

I agree with person who asserted that most haitian businessmen or businesswomen count on mouth to mouth advertisement instead of mass publicity.

Haitian also have a problem: they do not think big, one of the idea that has ruled marketing since always.

Yon ti kay pou yon ti bagay tou piti, ca les satisfait.

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Topic says...

I agree with James St. Furcy when he said that Haitians don't identify themselves as being Haitians.

I am an American raised in Haiti(my parents were missionaries).

I lived there for 17 years and I have a very good knowledge of Haitian culture.

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Topic says...

The article made some valid points.

Our presence on the world wide web is critical.

But there is more to it than that. You will find that the businesses that have the market share in their respective industry will do well on the world wide web. The businesses that are struggling will continue to struggle on the world wide web. The Haitians have an unique opportunity to do well on the web because we identify to being Haitians.

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Topic says...

The real purpose of building a (Business) website is to let your customer know about your business and what you have to offer.

Doing that does not require a whole lot.

You need a domain name. you can get one for less than $8.00 @ DomainRegistration-4Cheap.com

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Topic says...

The reason why there is little Haitian business presence on the web is because you and I, who understand the need to take advantage of the internet, do not have businesses, and because most of those who have businesses have not made the connection between their bottom line and the power of the internet.

Simply put, they do not believe other Haitians to be informed enough to rely on a search engine to satisfy our taste buds, for instance.

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