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Poverty in Haiti is disguised, Things are worse than what they appear to be

Pep Haitien lonje men yo pou resevwa kichòy, anyen pa poko tonbe... Whatever you think poverty is in Haiti, it is much worse than that. The poverty you see and hear about, that's the disguise. The rabbit hole is much deeper. more »

50 year-old Haitian-American share some great Workout Secrets: Healthy Eating, Weight Lifting vs. Calisthenics

Meet Fred, a Haitian-American Body Builder from Brooklyn New York Meet Fred, a very fit and muscular Haitian-American from Wingate Park, Brooklyn, New York, who shared some great secrets about fitness and the health benefits of working out and eating clean. Watch the video. more »

What is my Estimated Calorie Needs per Day, by Age, Sex, and Physical Activity Level?

What's for Breakfast : Boiled eggs and sliced mangoes How many calories does your body need every day? You want to know your estimated calorie needs per day, based on your age, sex, and physical activity level? Read this... more »

Tennis: Naomi Osaka faces Serena Williams for the first time since the US Open

PHOTO: Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams hugging - US Open 2018 Will it be revenge or another beat down? Haitian-Japanese tennis champion Naomi Osaka faces Serena Williams for the first time since beating her to win the US Open final last year. more »

Car Wash Party Haiti - The Newly Popular Wet and Wild Street Parties (VIDEO)

Car Wash Party Haiti There is a new kind of street party in Haiti called "Car Wash Party" where young Haitians are getting wet while drinking to the sounds of popular DJs. more »

Two businessmen convicted in the U.S. for bribing Haitian Government Officials

Two businessmen, Dr. Joseph Baptiste and his partner Roger Richard Boncy, were convicted in a Boston court for soliciting bribes from undercover federal agents who posed as potential investors in a proposed $84 million port project in the Mole-Saint-Nicolas area of Haiti. more »

In future Dominican Republic will be able to sell energy to Haiti, Dominican corporate executive said

Haiti - EDH at Work - Electricité d'Haiti ap Travay With the electricity generated by Punta Catalina and the new renewable energy projects, the Dominican Republic will be able to offer energy to the neighboring Republic of Haiti says Rubén Jiménez Bichara, executive vice-president of the Dominican Corporation of State-owned Electric Companies (CDEEE) more »

True or False: Many Haitians want government jobs but most only want the gov paycheck

things that make you go hmmm Virtually every Haitian you speak to who spent two minutes campaigning for a Senator or Depute want a job in ONA, OAVCT or other government agencies. Most of them are only interested in the paycheck. more »

Haitian Police, PoliFront and BLTS get special training from U.S. Customs and Border Protection

US Ambassador and Haitian Police trained by US Border Protection This week, agents of of the Haitian border police (PoliFront), Narcotics Trafficking Brigade (BLTS) and the National Police (PNH) participated in a special training with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to enhance techniques in identifying fraudulent documents and securing Haitian borders. more »

FLASH: Haiti gang leader Arnel Joseph shot and wounded by Police in Artibonite

Breaking News From Haiti Breaking News... Notorious Haitian gang leader Arnel Joseph was shot and wounded by police Tuesday the Atibonite department... Audio, listen... more »