A Good Advice For Bad Times

What do you do when times are bad?

Article by: Woodring Saint Preux

- Do you beat yourself up?
- Do you take it out on the poor soul next to you?
- Do you take it out on your kids?

Most of us have no idea how to deal with problems. The very first time tragedy strikes, our first intention is to give up.

"Better quit while you're ahead" as they say in the real world.


If that's the way you think, then you need to read this story:

Back in 1810, a young boy was paid $100 by his mother to clear and plant an 8-acre field.

The young boy who was only 16 years old took the $100 and bought a small boat.

The 16 year old boy used his little boat to carry freight and passengers from Manhattan to Staten Island.

The little boy had a minor accident just after he bought his little boat and it almost sank. for a 16 year old boy, that's reason enough to quit.

  • Did he give up?
  • Did he get scared?
  • Did he develop a fear of water?
  • Did he quit?

Of course not!

They named him "Cornele, the boatman" but his real name was Cornelius (Commodore) Vanderbilt.

He was known for his reliability and fearlessness. He would undertake any job ## even in stormy weather ## and he consistently charged lower rates than his competitors.

Armed with $100, he became the wealthiest man in America. I've been told that at one point in time, the Vanderbilts had more money the US Government.

Not bad for a 16 year old boy with $100 and a dream!

If you read my article "The Landlord Vs The Internet Marketer," then you will know for a fact that I have had some problems with real estate.

Trust me, when you have a mortgage to pay for every month and you're not collecting any rent, that's enough to make you lose your mind.

Or is it?

Here comes the advice...

There are many challenges in life, they come and they go. believe it or not, there are two ways to look at every single challenge that you face in life:

FIRST >> If you're looking for an excuse... Woops! There it is!

When times are bad, when nothing is going your way. it becomes very easy for you to blame those bad times for all your failures in life.

You can easily say..

  • "That's why I am always broke..."
  • "That's why I drink..."
  • "That's why I get high..."
  • "That's why I can't be with him/her..."
  • "That's why my life is such a mess..."

Are you letting bad times drag you down
Do you just want people to feel sorry for you?

There are many drugs in life, the most lethal ones DO NOT enter your body through you vein NOR your nose... They enter your body through your thoughts.

If you think life stinks, it's going to stink until YOU do something about it

What ever it is, SNAP OUT OF IT!

SECOND >> If you want to learn... Here's your opportunity!

Every bad situation has a lesson in it. These are the lessons that shape you up. These are the lessons that turn you into...

  • A Winner
  • A GO-Getter
  • A Risk Taker
  • Someone who doesn't know how to quit
  • A person who simply will not take NO for an answer

Find the lesson, learn it, ask yourself "What is this situation trying to teach me?"

So, when times are hard, DO NOT shut your mind, open it. Do not get all stressed out, instead find the clues

Whether you win or loose in this life is up to you. I want you to know that DEATH is the only STOP SIGN in life.

As long as you alive, keep on moving. Remember to pass the torch to your kids, otherwise they will have to start from scratch just like you did.

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