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The article made some valid points.

Our presence on the world wide web is critical.

But there is more to it than that. You will find that the businesses that have the market share in their respective industry will do well on the world wide web. The businesses that are struggling will continue to struggle on the world wide web. The Haitians have an unique opportunity to do well on the web because we identify to being Haitians.

Or is it that we will fail miserably because we don't identify to being Haitians.

Unfortunately the latter is the reality.

Most of the people who have access to the web are those Haitians who feel that they are the "edumacated haitians".

Giving their consumer dollars to haitians businesses is a mistake.

They are too intelligent to make that mistake.

Their opinion of the Haitian businesses is very low. In some cases it is justified due to bad experiences with Haitian businesses.

Ironically, when these "edumacated haitians" get burn by other races of people, they continue to spend their dollars with the other races.

The trick is to build the confidence level of the "edumacated haitians" in our Haitian businesses.

The Haitian busineses also have a responsibilty to practise what they preach to their consumers.

The haitians businesses are consuners too. They should teach by example.

This brings up back to the movers and shakers who are pionneering the net. They have the responsibility to educate the already miseducated Haitians the simple lesson in economics.

When you take your dollars out of your community, you make your community weak. When you turn over your dollar five to seven times within your community, your community becomes stronger.

If you need any information regarding the author of this memo and his company go to WWW.KITOKOINSURANCE.COM

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Topic: Why is there so little Haitian Business presence on the Web?

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