Why do poor people have so many more children than rich people?

Rich people who have lots more money to take care of their offspring, they have two children. In the mean time, poor people who have no resources, they have five, six children. Why is that?

It's back to school in Haiti and many parents are complaning they just don't have the money to send their children to school. when you ask them how many kids do you have? They give you a shocking response.

PHOTO: Haiti Education - Haitian public school students standing in front of a makeshift school in Aquin, Sud Haiti

Many Haitians have lots of children, more children than they can take care of. and each and every year, you hear the same story, they cannot send their children back to school. but sometimes, there are just so many of them, parents just cannot afford to send them back to school.

Why did have so many children in the first place? Who did you think was going to take care of them for you?

My father tells me back in the days when they used to live on the countryside, most children did not go to school, so parents used to have lots of children to help around the house and in the field.

You know, ti moun pou al ede granmoun bay kabrit dlo, chanje bèf, al brote dlo, ede granmoun sekle. But many Haitians left the country side and they kept the same bad habit. They reproduce like crazy without thinking that, yes, you actually have to take care of all these children.

What is wrong with these people?

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Yanick says...

Depression is a serious illness.

Finding pleasure is a way to escape what you're going through in life. Providing birth control to them would help. Condoms should be available for them, if we are judging

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Joesline says...

Paske yo gen tan se sèks sèlman ki amizman yo. Epi yo di pitit se byen

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Joseph says...

I will keep my comment to myself.

It's not

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