Back to school Haiti 2018 - Are Haitian parents ready financially?

School opens in Haiti in 3 weeks. Haitian parents are getting ready for the start of the academic school year 2018-2019, which will officially take place on September 3, 2018 BUT... Are the Haitian parents ready?

PHOTO: Haiti Public Schools - Lycée Charlemagne Peralte in Hinche getting a new paint job

There are lot of complaints in the streets of Haiti because many Haitian parents do not have money in their pockets and school is not cheap in Haiti.

Often times, school opens in Haiti and many shool children odo not go to school on time due to lack of money in the pockets of the parents.

We had a chance to speak to a parent in the neighborhood, a security guard with only one daughter. luck him, his 11,000 gourdes "lajan sòl" came at the right time, right before school opens. more than half of it was deposited to a bank account belonging to a local school for "2 versement de frais scolaire" (2 installments of school fees) the other half is being spent on school uniforms etc...

We know of another Haitian parent with 4 children who is going nuts right now because neither his nor his wife are employed and they have 4 children to send back to school this year.


What do you think about that?

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Charilyn Bailey says...

Is there a way to sponsor a child to send them school

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Nadega says...

Sa e nan bouda yo paske yo chita tankou zonbi, yo pral nan shalom chak jou dèyè delivrans, yo pa gen tan pou yo manifeste pou mizè ak grangou epi pou m ta vin pran pèn pou pèp sòt sa?

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