Waste management in Haiti: There is a serious Garbage problem in Haiti

This morning, I went for a walk in my home town of Hinche Haiti. I decided to follow a little path along Riviere Hinquitte which borders the city. My Goodness! There is so much garbage along the river bed!

Haiti Trash - Plastics and Styrofoams

There is NO garbage collection in Hinche, by that I mean a day of the week when people put their garbage out so the garbage truck comes by to pick it up. We don't have that. So people wait until late afternoon and they their trash, dead dogs and all, wherever there is no one around.

Growing up in Hinche, I used to enjoy bathing in the Guayamounco river, but NOT anymore! Too much trash along the river bed.

I know President Jovenel is doing a caravane changement, he needs to start thinking about a caravane for trash management.

How is the Garbage collection going in your city in Haiti?

What do you think about that?

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Paul How much trash is there in haiti?
Reply · May 09 at 11:08 AM
Gerry Hi Woodring, Hope everything is fine with you. Waste collection does not exist in Haiti; it appears that this is the norm because so many... see more
Reply · November 11 at 10:23 AM

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