Voodoo Murders In Haiti - 45 Vodouisants Killed

At least 45 vodouisants have been murdered in Haiti due to accusations they were using "black magic" to spread cholera in Haiti.

Haitian Vodou - Veve of Baron Samedi

Most of them voodoo priests, they were lynched, set on fire, and/or attacked with machetes.

This is according to Max Beauvoir, a Haitian Voodoo priest (Hougan), a biochemist, and the head of the National Confederation of Haitian Vodou.

Max Beauvoir has appealed to authorities to help before the situation gets worse

Max Beauvoir Says...

"People who practice voodoo have nothing to do with the cholera epidemic."

Communications Minister Marie-Laurence Lassegue says...

"It was necessary to increase awareness of the disease and educate the population countrywide instead of getting into a religious war that has no ending"

What do you have to say about that?

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Brian Sitterley says...

Josy is absolutely right.

Another good group that does something similar is Compassion.

If each of us help a child, a lot of children can get help and a lot better future for them personally and for Haiti.

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Sergo Jean says...

Avec anpil regre sa pase consa nan peyi a sou de bon citoyen Ayisyen.Mwen panse si Haiti te gen vreman yon gouveneman ki tap foncsyone selon la loi sa pa tap rive sou citoyen lakay li consa.

Et mwen cre se paske mounn pa gen inpotans pou leta ayisyen ki fe depi tout tan sa pep la pa gen rezulta cote maladi sa soti.Mwen ta swete foua sa gouveneman bay rezulta anket sa paske 45 mounn mouri san conte plu de 2000 lot mounn, antan ke Ayisyen mwen swete gouveneman fe lumie sou sa epi puni vre coupab e peye domaj e intere a Haiti e mounn ki victim yo.Map di si sa pa fet nou met tann gen yon jou justice pral bay a mounn sa yo nan tout integralitel pa le Grand Master kite creye Haiti li Menm pa prop pouvoi li a.Li bay tout lide peyi ya chans pou rive nan pos ke yo vle, senate, prezidan,depute, juj,majistra, azec,cazec, policier e otre pou bon foncsioneman de peyi a avec tout citoyen andan .Si mounn sa yo pa rempli devoi yo com sa doua li bay pep la, tout doua avec lib abitre yo genyen pou ranplase lide sa yo nan elecsyon pa lot mounn ke yo chwazi e si yo chwazi pou vole voix mounn sa yo pou regle prop zafe yo pou kimbe peyi ya nan corupsyon li di mo sa yo pou lide sa yo:Malheur a ceux qui ecartent le juste comme s'il n'etait rien et insultent ce qui est bien, et disent que cela n'a aucune valeur!Car le jour viendra ou le Seigneur Dieu chatiera rapidement les habitants de la terre.Pasqu'ils seront pleinement murs dans l'iniquite, ils periront.

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Josy says...

"You do better when you know better".

We cannot call them "uneducated", and "non informed".

We need to blame the leaders, and the crooks who did not do their jobs over the years.

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Ray Archer says...

You see how insanes Haitians are and uneducated non informed people can create
a world of

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Charm says...




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Max says...

My, my, my, why the word " emotion " is doing here in a simple topic as vodou.

I do believe dear friend whoever is dealing with religion must not be emotional.

Show me any leader in the world who is emotional .None.

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Claude R Craan says...

I can only reply at this point to say that you need to do more research on this very complex topic.

I do understand your emotions but it takes a lot more to clearly understand and to be able to comment.Remember, "a man without the knowledge of his history and his culture is like a tree without

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Marie Elie says...

Enfin seigneur nan kisa cholera ap cherche nan voodoo?

pa guinyin aucun rapport avec deux bagay sa-yo?

mezami trop moun mouri, moin pa konin kile frere moin yo ap fini mouri parce ce que ce yon gros gros chagrin li ye pou

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Max says...

I am deeply sorry if my message has offended you it was not intentional but to tell you the truth since i have been invited on this site i make it as a pledge to express my opinions or to share other's opinions as well. I only express nonviolence message .I believe i got more pleasure on it than to partake on certain people's opinions on certain topics.

You are right i should not have mentioned the name of the Pope in this topic but nevertheless maybe my message could never have reached someone as it reaches you. As i said no one has to kill so many people without prove.

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Garry Dstin says...

In the end we will succed but meanwhile the devil will destroy most of our population because of our love and innocence.

God will destroy the devil in and out of our system before it reaches it's goal. I believe in him and in know he will. He will punish twice our brothers that have taken money from the devil to turn against their people.

Our brothers that used his name in vain for profiting while their people suffer will be cursed cause they are not his people.

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